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  • Please contact us for exhibition or event.

  • All published prices are subject to change without notice.

  • In the event of cancellation, the studio must be directly notified. Cancellation fees are listed below.
    ( The minimum charge for a full day booking is 8 hours. )
    With one day notice - 100% of total price. With 2 - 3 days notice - 80% of total price.

       With 4 - 5 days notice - 50% of total price. With 6 - 7 days notice - 40% of total price.

  • Midnight and early morning rental (21:00-9:00): 20% increase.

  • Please inform management in advance if the set will require sand, water, paper snow, snow machines or other such items.

  • There are size restrictions to equipment that can be brought in, so please inform the studio prior to bringing in such equipment.

  • For safety, use of fire or smoke are note permitted. Use of spray paint and other hazardous or flammable materials is also not

       permitted. Flames or smoke will activate the alarm system.

  • Painting or other significant alterations to the set are not permitted.

  • Moving and / or removing studio furniture is not permitted.

  • If the studio is to be used for filming a motion picture, please notify managment at the time of the reservation.

  • Please note that our studio is not soundproof.

  • Any equipment that is damaged or broken by clients will be repaired or replaced at cost and billed accordingly.

  • All items left at the studio for more than one month after the day of rental will be disposed of.

  • The studio is not responsible for lost items.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the studio. It is only allowed on the terrace.

  • Two parking spaces are available for clients. Maximum height clearance is 2050mm. Maximum width clearance is 1950mm. If parking

       space is necessary, please reserve in advance. If more than two parking spaces are required, please use the Mansard building parking

       garage or other nearby parking garages ( there may be a charge ). Click here to locate parking garages around the studio.

  • Please use the back entrance ( Sarugaku Elementary School side ) and the freight parking space for transporting large items.


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